R.E.D Ninja Warriors

R.E.D. is a smart and exciting program filled with many tools to keep you, your family and your friends, safe and secure. Everyone will need to knowhow to get away from danger at some point in life and this program provides the necessary knowledge and skills to face a new kind of danger. 


R.E.D. (Recognize & Escape Danger) is a revolutionary way of approaching personal protection BEFORE (awareness), DURING (action) and AFTER an event (getting away first, hiding when possible and defending only when necessary).


Participants learn to use their mind and body to analyze a situation and create a powerful survival plan. For children, R.E.D. is a powerful “bully safe” program.


To be able to Recognize and prevent danger BEFORE it happens is one of our primary goals in R.E.D. training. The recognition tools you learn will do more to keep you safe than just about anything else you can ever do.


The program uses real-life scenarios to teach students to analyze, decide, get away and adapt in order to recognize and escape danger.


The best defense is always to ESCAPE or get away as quickly and safely as possible. This is not always easy, but there are many ways to ESCAPE danger, including zigzag running, low line running, vaulting, throwing, climbing, hiding and much more... Students learn to go over, under, through or around obstacles to get to safety.